"And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe." -Deepak Chopra "And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe." -Deepak Chopra
  • Let That Shit Go.

    What does this even mean? How do we instantly shift from a space of hurt, anger and sadness to simple flow? Sure if you’ve done some work on yourself and have a sweet metaphorical tool box that’s supportive, but what if you haven’t? 

    Where does holding onto shit stem from, and why are we so hard headed that we can’t just let “it” go with the shrug of a shoulder? What’s the reward? Marianne Williamson says “when you don’t forgive, the only prisoner is you.” Please read that again. And again, and one more time. 5 years ago this one sentence changed my world. 

    So with this, there’s really two options: You can spend your life being upset, angry & resentful at the person or situation that’s caused you pain. In this scenario, you risk those thoughts & feelings transforming into something much worse. You see, when we’re angry, our nervous system gets triggered and sends a message to our immune system to shift into fight or flight mode. That’s when walls go up, healthy flow stops and inflammation occurs. Sadly inflammation is the cause of many dis-eases, and this becomes the route we choose when we can’t let go. Is it really worth it? 

    On the other side, you can allow yourself time to feel the sadness, peel back the layers and begin discovering what wound got poked at? Where in your past were you shamed? Neglected? Abandoned? Embarrassed? Left out? Misunderstood? Felt unloved? Take some time to journal, focus on you, to look at how you can grow from this situation vs “he did this” “she said that” Blaming gets us nowhere, it’s really ego saying “I’m right, he/she’s wrong.” 

    And in this process, you can close your eye sending love & light daily to your current self, your inner child & to the person who hurt you. There may be some resistance here, I know for me I’m like “yeah ok , going to send love and light to that asshole?!” But yeah, ego again. Remember the more we give the more we get back. Come from a space of LOVE & you will receive LOVE. 

    Know that forgiveness and letting go is for YOU. It isn't to bring someone back into your life (unless you choose to), it's to cleanse and create space for new, positive, loving energy to flow through.

    If we can learn to see each person & situation as a lesson, mirror or medicine for our own personal growth, imagine how different our world could be. You were chosen to be here, to embrace the good, the bad, to learn, grow, accept, forgive, love, embrace and discover. How can we do this if we hold on too tightly and don’t learn to “Let that shit go”? 

    Working with plants!
    There are so many beautiful plants you can work with to hold your heart, be with you, help release, create flow, cleanse and move what no longer serves. If you're interested in working with plants to support you in whatever you're going through, please please please reach out to me @sisterwolfalchemy and we can figure out together what the best plants are for YOU.
    Journaling: Some supportive prompts -
    Whats coming up for me? What are the discomforts I'm feeling? Does this remind me of a situation from my childhood? Am I upset at myself or the other person/situation? Whose responsible in this situation and why? 
    Breathwork: This has been a game changer for me, in one session I can cry, laugh, scream and release all the discomforts I'm holding onto in my body/mind/spirit. The negative energy is instantly released and I'm able to see things more clearly & shift. I specifically do group zoom sessions Wednesdays and Sundays 11am with Meredith Sloane. She works through all the chakras during the session and after I feel balanced and free. It's donation based, minimum $1 truly a steal for what you receive. INFO. HERE
    Music: I listen to playful, heart warming, opening & softening music. Moving your hips is very therapeutic. And to be clear I have a silly relationship with dancing; but what I know is that when I allow myself to let go, close my eyes and move my hips, an extraordinary release happens as I surrender and get past what it looks like.
    Here's a couple of artists and playlists I turn to :)
    Little Monarch 
    Say Love Album
    Spring Playlist
    Zero 7
    Strongest Medicine Playlist